Dietary Supplement Law: Industry News Brief

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Another Weight Loss Supplement Manufacturer Hit With An FTC Sanction

The FTC stung another weight-loss supplement company for using questionable scientific claims.

Marketed as a weight-shedding, belly fat-shrinking, menopause-relieving wonder drug — with a 93% satisfaction rate! — the nutraceutical under review sold well.

Unfortunately, a dearth of supporting data had Federal Trade Commissioners twitching.

After an investigation, the FTC won; the weight-loss company is out over $250,000. You can read more about it here.

Remember: Don’t publish or broadcast marketing claims that your bank account can’t support. And no, self-commissioned studies don’t always qualify as acceptable substantiation.

Is your upcoming marketing campaign 100% compliant? Unsure? Then partner with a dietary supplement lawyer to make sure.

Alibaba May Have A Drug Problem

Alibaba’s Tmall issued an “urgent directive” instructing all vendors to stop selling pharmaceuticals through the service. The news comes as China embarks on a healthcare market overhaul, which, rumor has it, will involve an intense examination of the country’s online drug sales.

Judging from reports, the cease order came as a surprise to sellers. Read more about it here.

Need Help With A Dietary Supplement Business Issue?

Over 55% of the population uses at least one dietary supplement, and the market shows no signs of shrinkage. Bluntly stated: there’s considerable money to be made in innovative ingestibles.

However, the dietary supplement landscape is littered with regulatory land mines. Plus, overseas sourcing can lead to logistical troubles. For these reasons — and a few others — it’s important for serious players to work with experienced attorneys in the niche.

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